Sunday, December 14, 2008

Seasonal Sprinklings and Glitter Galore

Seasonal Sprinklings and Glitter Galore,

It's that time of year when all through Studio J signs of the season are all around . . Newfie Screech and Egg Nog . . . Ru Paul singing Red Nose Drag Queen and out the window snow drifts gently down on the rooftops along Johnson Street.

Many Thanks to all of my many corresponDancers that have sent mailings this past year. It has been a year of true delight when reaching into my mailbox. . .the Portrait Palace project is coming along splendidly. I look forward to another year of visual feasting as I fulfill all my many delightful duties as Queen of Poste.

I do hope that the Holiday is a great one for you and yours.

All the very best in the New Year ahead. . .See you in the mail!
Joy Joy Joy . . as I keep Blog Blog Blogging along

Love and Laughter Always,

(Apologies to all my email listers the BCC option didn't do it's job)
Studio J - 1324 Broad Street
Victoria, British Columbia

The Portrait Gallery

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"Quick..., put your left hand on your right shoulder, put your right hand on your left shoulder, now squeeze! That was a quick hug from me!"


O_O said...
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chimerastone said...

Thanks Mailarta
I received your Seasonal Greeting and made me feel happy. Doing all these extra shifts is very stressful.

You really brighten my day, have a Merry Christmas.

With hugs and kisses from