Saturday, November 25, 2006

Mama's Mail Bag ART CALL

Greetings Mail Lovers

Mama Mailarta has decided to delve into her Mail Bag and begin her CorresponDANCE of artful exchanges ... send me your words . . reach . . . dive into your deepest desires . . send your images . . imaginations . . . simple/complex . . . wherever your artful being takes you . . now send it along and I'll exchange it with one of my own findings and perhaps a word of wisdom or two . . . .

Love and Laughter Always,

Studio J- 1324 Broad Street
Victoria, British Columbia

I look forward to hearing from you

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Visual AIDS entry "Dream Weaver"

Photo is from a section of Studio "J" taken inside the Duck Building , on Broad Street in Victoria, BC which I just found out has a very interesting history . . check out: Stella: An Unrepentant Madam by Linda Eversole.

Also be sure to check out the Visual Aids site :

Now that's an impressive list of artists . . .

more soon


The start of a brand new day . . .

Greetings Mail Manicals

Mailarta is finally online with her BLOG . . .

I'll be posting a mail art call soon and updating you on calls from others.

I've just completed an entry for the Visual AIDS New York Art Fundraiser "Post Cards from the Edge" . . I'll post it for you to see . . . a few more days left if you want to send something along . . .

check out: