Sunday, August 31, 2008

Jokie Wilson, San Francisco, CA, USA

Thanks again Jokie for all the mailings . . I do enjoy getting your mail. Sending best wishes for your journeys . .
Love and Laughter

Cascadia Artpost, Seattle, WA, USA

A great collection of art tickets on this postcard . . . Many Thanks Cascadia . . . I have a feeling I should visit your studio one day. Really enjoy your postings.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ed Varney, Courtenay, BC, CANADA

Documentation from the Mayworks show and call for entry for the 2009 event!
Thanks Monsieur ED . . see you in the near future!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Moss Street Paint In 2008

Greetings and Thanks for your patience while I was off to other parts of the country and beyond to the south and gator territory . . The Annual Moss Street Paint In happened on the 19th of July and we were off the next day so there was little time to touch base and without a computer along for the ride the communications were in limbo.
Special Thanks to Coco my assistant, my team of Wackstuff (Jeffrey Errick) and wife Virginia, Cindy and Lin, Marna and Margaret, Kat and Nat . . and those that were able to lend a hand when needed from the ATC Victoria Group. You were wonderful and made the whole day a grand success!

It has been such a treat to go through the mail and now to take the time to return responses. I'll post more images from the festival shortly. Studio J is being readied for the Mailmania 3 showing and if you haven't done so there is still time to get something in for the exhibition. I am pleased to have a new grouping of portraits to add to the portrait gallery and am so happy each day to see the faces of so many artists greet me in the space.

With Love and Laughter and best wishes


Nancy Scali, Claremont, CA, USA

Thanks Nancy . . you are now part of the mailing list and should get something from me soon.

Keith Buchholz, St. Louis, MO, USA

Thanks Keith for the recent mailing . . Always like to see your name on an incoming envelope. I'm making my way through the stacks of mail and should get back to posting out again soon.

Rossana Cagnolati, Parma, ITALY

Great to hear from you Rosanna . . I love how the internet is able to open communications and allow our community come together . . . I'll be mailing to you soon.

Jokie Wilson, San Francisco, CA, USA

Have a great trip to the Mediterranean . . Look forward to hearing how it goes.
All the best,

Nadine Fenton, San Fransisco, CA, USA

Many Thanks Nadine for the delight I get from your mailings. Hope to have mail heading your way soon.

Love and Laughter as always,

Steven Renald, Chicoutimi, QC, CANADA

Many Thanks Steven . . Love the envelope. It will be exciting to see how the 3 part fit together. See you in the mail.

I. Gordon ( Mad Hatters), Victoria, BC, CANADA

Many Thanks for the card and amazing quote. Look forward to future encounters with the Mad Hatters.