Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Andrea McNeill, E. Sussex, Hove, ENGLAND

Thanks Again Andrea and Beanie . . scan by scan I make my way along . .

Monday, June 28, 2010

David Stafford, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

Thanks David . . Hope to get something out to you before too long . .

Josh Ronsen, Austin, Texas, USA

Revising the Century documentation from Josh.
Incredible job as always . . Thanks Josh

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Lothar Trott, Zurich, SWITZERLAND

Thanks Lothar . . . I'll be working on the add and pass works soon . .

Mete Sarabi, Champaign, Illinois, USA

A tribute to Mailarta from Mete

. . Thanks so much!
Best as always,

Luigino Solamito, Ventimiglia, ITALY

Grazie Solamito

Ptrzia Tictac, Starnberg, GERMANY

Documentation from the Bubbles Mail Art call . . Thanks . . I've been working on a new postcard of found bubble images soon to find it way to you.

Cascadia ArtPost, Seattle, Washington, USA

Thanks Cascadia Art Post . . Hope to get your mail out to you soon . . exceptionally backlogged with so many diverse projects and things that take time from the studio. Grateful for your wonderful posts.

Peter Netmail, Minden, GERMANY

Tuba's in the Sky . . Hope the call for this show went well for you Peter.

Dr. Brignone, Cuneo, ITALY

Thanks to the Doctor and Sunday Mornin' Comin' Down . . Will be sending your way soon.

Sugar Irmer, Berlin, GERMANY

All the best from CANADA . . I'll see you in the mail soon.

Andrea McNeill, Hove, Sussex, ENGLAND

Artist Book # 174 has now been FOUND . . . Thanks so much Andrea . . new one is being made to find its way to you.

Jokie X Wilson, San Francisco, California, USA

The mail stacks are slowly getting into the scanner . . . thanks again to Jokie for these additions to My Mailbag of ART . . The recent poster is being framed and going into the "Room of All Sorts"

Ryosuke Cohen, Brain Cell 751, Osaka, JAPAN

The incredible R. Cohen and the ongoing works in the Brain cell Editions

David Berube, New York, New York, USA

A is for AMAZING ART from David . . . Love your work . . Thanks again

Eduardo Cardoso, Sines, PORTUGAL

Thanks Eduardo . . for this latest edition of Paranormal Mailings.
All the best from here.