Friday, April 25, 2014

John Held, San Francisco, California, USA

Peforated postcard 
Great to meet you in SF John . . mail coming your way soon.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Rod Summers, Maastricht, The NETHERLANDS

 Gift of the Sparrow . . and now a gift from Rod

Rod Summers web site : VEC WORLD SERVICE

Adrienne Mason, Tofino, British Columbia, CANADA

 Thanks Adrienne . . I look forward to our future mailings.  . . and if you are in town anytime drop by . . 

Dean Marks, Paris, FRANCE

 A mailing from Dean during his recent travels in Sri Lanka . . one of  my favourite places on the plant. Thanks Dean . . 

Hans Hess, Schwarzenberg, GERMANY

 A catalogue from Hans' ongoing mail art call " My Favourite Chair"
Thanks Hans

Connie Jean, Cocoa Beach, Florida, USA

Thanks Connie . . The Puffin  . .one of my favourite creatures.

Grigori Antonin, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Thanks for the Cavellini Stickers
I'll be using some for sure . . and of course the archive gets some.

Bee Greschak, Oneonta, New York, USA

Thanks Bee . . will be writing soon.

Carl Chew, Triangle Post, Seattle, USA

A most spectacular package - special delivery from Carl Chew at Triangle Post
Artistamps, posters, postcard
 A great way to start the Ex Posta Facto event 
Thanks Carl
See more from him at: Carl T Chew  Artist

Stan Askew, Pasadena, California, USA

 Thanks Stan
Great to hear from you again. Fanastic cards.

Michael Goetz, Rockford, Illinois, USA

LC # 79 arrives from Michael, Many Thanks!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Eddie Nero, Eugene, Oregon, USA

 Thanks Eddie, great to connect again with you and the mail art circle of artists . . till next time . . All the best, see you in the mail!

Herman Kamphuis, Amsterdam, The NETHERLANDS

 Another fantastic set of vintage images used by Herman to make up this envelope. 
Many Thanks

Friday, April 11, 2014

Cascadia Art Post, Olympia, Washington, USA

Thanks Jack . .  see you in the mail soon . . 

Eddie Nero, Eugene, Oregon, USA

Collage, artistamps from Eddie at Hitham Post
Thank You so much
 Great to see you again at Ex Postal Facto, SF . .  till next time . .  all the best, M.