Monday, March 17, 2014

Mail Art Calls, Susan Gold, Windsor, Ontario, CANADA

Mail Art Calls 
Will be sending something soon.

Oh Boy, Burbank, California, USA

Special Thanks to Oh Boy for this amazing souvenir collection of images of the EPF event, and images around San Francisco. FANTASTIC IMAGES! You have a great eye for detail.
(Photos below by John Tostado)

Ryan Tamares, The Punk Bassoon Connection, Stanford, California, USA

Great to meet in person at XPF  . . mail coming your way soon . . 

Steve (Painter) Howell, Morro Bay, California, USA

The Postcard collector . .and sender . .  one from here soon
Thanks STEVE

Pati Bristow, Los Altos, CA, USA

ATCs arrive for trade from Pati in a very cleverly designed holder . .  will be sending some your way soon!

Attie Ourie, FINLAND

Drawings from Attie in Finland

Colori, The Museum of Instant Images, Chaam, The NETHERLANDS

Feed the Planet - Mail Art Call

Jokie X. Wilson, San Francisco, California, USA

Series of postcards from my friend Jokie on his adventures. 

Ottmar Bergmann, Lonsboda, SWEDEN

"Protect the children"