Monday, July 27, 2009

Wackystuff, Victoria, BC, CANADA

Money mail art call
Artistamp call

Thanks for the stamps . . I'm having a great time using them in new works.

Circolo Nanook, Vicenza, ITALY


Samuel Montalvetti, Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA

Samuel is another mail artist that is very busy with production and calls . . more add and pass to join the InFLUX box of Toodooze.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tim Devin, Brookline, MA, USA

Thanks Tim . . I'll do another mailing in the weeks ahead . . just getting caught up with a stack of mail.

To find out more about this project check out: I left this here for you to read

Jason Berlin, Kelso, WA, USA

Thanks Jason for this great assortment . . The Add and Pass work table is becoming an installation work all on its own.

I'll be seeing you in the mail.

Best from here

Eric Coraboeuf, Pornic, FRANCE

A new series of Add and Pass works via Eric in France . . a grouping of 40 or so about to make their way into the postal system from Studio J in the days ahead.

Circulaire 132, no.37, Quebec, QC, CANADA

Another incredible production . . Thanks Reg . . I look forward to sending you something soon.

Orlando Nelson Pacheco Acuna, Provincia de Cautin, CHILE

Thanks Orlando for the Zine mailing . . I don't think Babelfish does that well with translating poetry.

I'm hoping to have a friend translate for me.

See you in the mail.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Jose Roberto Sechi, Rio Claro, Sao Paulo, BRAZIL

Thanks for this Mail Art Magazine . . more mail coming your way soon!

Jose Roberto Sechi, Av. M 29 - No 2183 JD São João, Rio Claro S.P., 13505-410, Brazil

Anne Burkhardt & Abigail, Saanichton, BC, CANADA

Love the piece . . the well wishes are working!

Keith Bates, Manchester, ENGLAND

Thanks Keith
Great to hear from you.
Be sure to check out his great site: Keith Bates-MAIL ART

M.D. Hinton, Ottawa, ON, CANADA

Haiku from MD

No imperfection
Is there in the host for the
Host is the hostess

Also a favourite "PAST TIME" of mine to do Haiku
See you in the mail!

Marc Deb, Arras, FRANCE


Thanks Marc . . . . An amazing job you've done with the Zine. I look forward to contributing again.

Valerie Brideman, Shawville, QC, CANADA

Thank Valerie . . I'll pass the Jam in the days ahead . .

Friday, July 24, 2009

Jo Wilson (Jose Wilson Bonini Filho), Sao Paulo, BRASIL

Thanks Jo Wilson for your mailing and for the letter, Is there a link for ANGEL FIRE # 121? If so let me know and I'll post it.

See you in the mail.
Love and Laughter

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Theo Nelson, Calgary, AB, CANADA

Thanks Theo . . decision made "Soft 1 with Sun" is going into my visual treasure trove.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

PINOPROG (Santamaria Guiseppe), ITALY

Does anyone have a mailing address for PINOPROG?

Pistol Pete, Bayonne, NJ, USA

Thanks Pete . . hope I get to see you in your July visit.

Dario de Souza, Curitiba, BRASIL

Thanks Dario . . Enjoyed the Jornal de Poesia . . . I look forward to sending you more mail.

Jokie X Wilson, San Francisco, CA, USA

Thanks Jokie . . Love the articles and imagery . . really appreciate your mailings.