Monday, May 18, 2015

Ryosuke Cohen, Osaka, JAPAN

Issue 897 of Brain Cell . . .
Thanks Ryosuke

Susan Gold, Windsor, Ontario, CANADA

Documentation from the Please Post Show in Ontario. Thanks Susan.

Colin Scholl, San Diego, California, USA

Thanks Colin for this package . . and also for the peeps box that recently arrived. Mail your way soon too.

Mete Sarabi, Champaign, Illinois, USA

Thanks Mete . . will write soon

Phaedra Kelly, Isle of Wight, UK

Thanks to my friend Phaedra and The Poetry Band Ecurbrekal for this DVD of the Mad Cyril Show.

Pati Bristow, Los Altos, California, USA

Thanks . .  will get mail to you in the weeks ahead . . busy, busy on this side.

Circulaire 132, # 124, R.F. Cote, Saint-Flavie, Quebec, CANADA

Another incredible compilation from Reg in Quebec. Merci . . Merci!

Herman Kamphuis, Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS

Thanks Herman . . envelope on my desk for you . .mailing soon . . 

Kathy Warpinski, Dodgeville, Wisconsin, USA

 Thanks Kathy . . I will be sending mail soon.

Maureen Forys, Oakland, California, USA

Thanks Maureen . . Will be writing soon.

Carol Thomas, Lady Fontayne Pen-Ship, Schaumburg, Illinois, USA

Thanks to the Lady Fontayne for this mailing  . . I've enjoyed the enclosure with recipes  . . 

Richard K.H. Burkart, Berlin, GERMANY

Thanks Richard . . answer coming soon . . 

Stewart Charlebois, Langley, British Columbia, CANADA

Thanks Stewart . . 
I've been busy with my peeps too . .  great fun!

Johan van Geluwe, Waregem-Flanders, BELGIUM

Thanks Johan

Jokie X. Wilson, San Francisco, California, USA

Thanks Jokie . .  slowly I am catching up on the mail scans . . more soon. xx





David Stone, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

A Special edition in hour of our friend Guido Vermeulen