Thursday, February 21, 2008

Rachelartnun, Victoria, BC, CANADA

Oh Dearest Art Nun
How delightful - to gaze upon the visual splendor that permeates the aluminum box marked with a J .. I now gather up the jeweled retrieves and mark the journey into anothers space.

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chimerastone said...

Hi Mailarta
Sorry if I offend you. I seen your name mentioned on Samuel M's blog and remembering recieving an atc made from you not directly as part of 10/11 atcs swap.
You are the Queen of Poste and probally had more mailart experience than me as I discovered them back in 2003 but it has been on and on. Yes I would to like to watch atcs with you but not now because with study and trying to make scripts work.
Over here in the Uk, atcs are relatively new, the sort I have recieved are basic. Not the kind from mailartist. I'll contact you again once my course is over.