Tuesday, February 05, 2008

New Project: Dame's Portrait Gallery

Yes, friends . . another idea into the realm of my mail art sortings. A portrait call . . a SIGNED/Autographed . . . depiction of one's self . . . their likeness . . by whatever means: photograph, drawing, painting, etching, collage, frottage . . oh what images leap to mind . . . alas it's a portrait gallery I have in mind. I'll frame each one and add to the "Portrait Gallery @ Studio J" . . eventually a catalogue of some form will document the series and be made available . . all this is happening with ideas spiraling in my head when I entered into this day at 5 AM . . so as with all things it will evolve.

You can see documentation on the blog: Dame's Portrait Gallery
as the works come in I'll scan and upload and for each one I'll return a signed portrait of Moi . . . if you so desire . . just add your return mailing address . . .
Special Thanks to:
Ruud Janssen for his inspirational site: Mail Artists- Self Portraits
Christine Tarantino's view into the artspaces: Artists/Workspaces
and Keith Bates for his magnificent site: Cameraderie
It has been wonderful to see so many of the artists I have heard of and written to over the years.

Onward into the adventure of another day . .
Love and Laughter Always

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