Monday, August 04, 2014

Node Pajomo, Bellingham, Washington, USA

 Will be getting a mailing out to you this week Pajomo . . .Thanks for your Poste.

Node Pajomo - USA

Seasonalistic Greetations My Fellow Mailartists!

The Winter edition of Node Pajomo is ready for your consumption!

This issue is NOT as spectacular as last issue. There is no compact disc nor is the cover that cool heavy card stock.

However, there is a ton of mail art contacts, about 40 zine and audio reviews, an awesomely distorted back cover by Thee Haddock and the usual inserts and ephemera all in a delicious 24 page digest format. Yum!

If you are in the USA or Canada, you can have shipped RIGHT TO YOUR DOOR for two dollars! If you are anywhere else on this glorious blue green sphere, we ask only a dollar more. We accept cash money from any nation at the going rate as well as unused US Postage Stamps!
Subscribers, infoshops and libraries should be seeing their issues any day now if they haven't arrived already.

PJM/ Node Pajomo

See you in the mail!

POB 2632 Bellingham Washington 98227.2632 USA Earth

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