Friday, November 23, 2012

Test Tower, Centralia, Washington, USA

Test Tower of HEEBEE JEEBEE Land . . . at AARPEX in Seattle. We get to meet in person for the first time after mail art corresponDancing for years. It was a true gift to talk extensively with Test Tower, felt as if I had found a long lost friend. He went away that evening and created the commemorative card below. I felt truly honoured by this gift the next day at the MOA opening. Thanks my friend . . I look forward to seeing you in Victoria one day. . . or perhaps in Centralia!

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Test Tower said...

Yes, it was especially fun to meet in such extraordinary circumstances (AARPEX). I hope to visit Studio J - and spend a while in your company and see all the treasures there. I enjoyed our short time together enormously. Thanks for that my friend.
Cheers, Test