Thursday, April 01, 2010

Cascadia ArtPost, Seattle, Washington, USA

Spring in Cascadia

Thanks as always . . great cards!

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RF Côté (reg) said...

Dear dear dear Mailarta,

Please take a look at the following link. Did you send this by Bomb Squad instead of Canada Post? Received pretty damaged and luckily, I think that most of the content arrived (including add & pass book). However, there was 13 loose artist stamps that were falling off, trying to escape. Did you send 20 for Circulaire 132. If its the case, I am afraid that some of your stamps are lingering in the Canada Post caves...
Can you please send me more artist stamps in order to add them in the next edition of C132? I would really appreciate that. This mailart is awesome! Totaly destroyed and arrived wrapped up in Canada Post plastic bag saying ''We are sorry''

Cheers! Reg