Monday, December 17, 2007


Greetings . . .
Studio J has been active this past year with mail art from so many wonderful artists representing a wide range of countries (last count somewhere around 27) . . . I look forward to 2008 and "Mailmania 3" happening in September . . . the year is ending on some exciting news . . . a documentary film in the works . . won't see the cutting room floors for some time yet . . but makes for some interesting times ahead I'm sure. I wish you all Peace and Hope ( and certainly Love and laughter) in the days forward.

I look forward to continued CorresponDances . . . the newest Anna Banana Stamp Edition arrived recently and I'm anxious to get them back out into the mail trail . . .

See you in the Poste

All the Best in 2008!!

"Quick..., put your left hand on your right shoulder, put your right hand on your left shoulder, now squeeze! That was a quick hug from me!"

Studio J - 1324 Broad Street
Victoria, British Columbia

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