Thursday, October 08, 2015

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Claudio Gavina, Milano, ITALY

Thanks Claudio . . always a pleasure to get your mailings.

MIchel Della Vedova, Limoges, FRANCE

Merci Michel . .  mail coming soon

Orlando Nelson Pacheco Acuna, Temuco, Territorio Mapuche, CHILE

Thanks Nelson . .  appreciate your mailings

Kerosene, Carolyn Oord, Verdun, Quebec, CANADA

Thanks Kerosene . .  will be writing soon . . best from BC

Check out : Kerosene and Flypaper

Eric Coraboeuf, Pornic, FRANCE

Merci Eric!

João Alberto Lupin, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Thanks Alberto for this "Rainbow" work . .  now to become part of the rainbow archive . .  


Otto Sherman, New York, New York, USA

More fun mail from the ever amusing Ottomeister

Michael Goetz, Rockford, Illinois, USA

Thanks Michael . . Great to hear from you.

Cascadia Artpost, Olympia. Washington, USA

Panopticon Art
A Collaborative work between Cascadia and Colin Scholl

N.A.Z.chen, Petra Weimer, Kalletal, Germany

Thanks to Petra and Angela for edition # 40

Ferran Destemple, Cabrils, Barcelona, SPAIN

Check out Ferran's Blog:  Ferran Destemple

Vic Jonez, Dartmouth, Massachusetts, USA

Thanks Vic . . an envelope on my desk  . . soon to finds it way to you.

Buzzard Air Post, David Snyder, Cottonwood, Arizona, USA

Thanks Buzzard . . Love getting your envelopes.
Hope to get some mail to you soon.