Friday, March 29, 2013

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Jeremy Bequette, Helleville, Illinois, USA

Thanks Jeremy for this abundant package . . . will work on getting something to you soon.

Katarina Nikoltsou, Thessaloniki, GREECE

Love Love Love

Rebecca Guyver, Suffolk, ENGLAND

Thanks to Rebecca for another in the Banana series of postings.

Sbietti Stefano, Arezzo, ITALY

Shahrul Sahee, Terengganu Daryl Iman, MALAYSIA

Thanks Shahrul

Isabelle Gordon, Victoria, British Columbia, CANADA

A new addition to the "Royal Corner" of the studio . . Thanks Isabelle.

Jan Theuninck, Zonnebeke, BELGIUM

See more of Jan at: Artist Jan Theuninck

Torma Cauli, Budapest, HUNGARY

 Check out more from Torma at: Torma Cauli Mail Art and Art Blog

Suzlee Ibrahim, Bandar Baru Bangi, MALAYSIA

Acrylic on Board
Thanks Suzlee
See more of his art at: Suzlee Fine Art

DJ Classy, Whitman, Massachussetts, USA

Thanks DJ . .  you are now on the "to do" table . . 

Niklas Heed, Gothenburg, SWEDEN

Dame at the Eiffel Tower . . .Fantastic . . Thanks Niklas
More at his blog: Je Suis un Postier

Mary Ann, York, ENGLAND

Great envelope and stamps Mary Ann . .  will be seeing you in the mail.

Dawn Davies, Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, CANADA

Thanks Dawn . . Will get some mail to you soon . . 

Eric Coraboeuf, Paris, FRANCE

Revisioning of a familiar envelope . . Thanks my friend . .  more soon.

Jose Manuel Figueiredo, Sintra, PORTUGAL

Chrissy Crisis from Manuel . . 

Maria Fedorchuk, Leningrad, RUSSIA

Thanks Maria . . will be working on your return mail soon . . 

Sidney Tome, Sao Paulo, BRASIL

Thanks Sidney . . 

Stanislav Semkin, Samara, RUSSIA

Many Thanks Stanislav . . see you in the mail!

Angela Behrendt, Hannover, GERMANY

The stitch Queen Angela . . off to get a frame . . many Thanks . . 

Neil Gordon, Wethersfield, Connecticut, USA

Thanks Neil . . I'm making something to go your way soon.

Monday, March 25, 2013