Friday, June 22, 2007

Anne Braunschweig, Corrales, NM, USA

Thanks Anne for the "Wings for Peace . . .

See you in the mail .. .

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Rachel Berman, Victoria, BC, CANADA

Rachel is such an inspiration . . . . I am delighted that we have come to know each other.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

R.F. Cote, Quebec, QC, CANADA

For Test Tower

Between the discovery of Facebook and the daily duties of Mailobcessivecompulsive disordering of the studio it's no wonder sleep seems such a luxury. Would I have it any other way?

Love and laughter

To Words of Light Int Publ

A find in my archives . . decided to send it along . . A Syncronicity of Visual Driftings

Visual reply for Dan Waber

A random mailing to C. Simpson in Newfoundland

Saturday, June 09, 2007

for Buzz Blurr

Decided to send a collection of bits to Buzz . . .

For Pistol Pete

for Doo da Postage works, NYC

Not even sure if this address still works . .that's the joy part of finding random mailings from the past . . a journey begins

Clemente Padin, Montevideo, URUGUAY

Pistol Pete, Bayonne, NJ, USA

More mailings from Pete . . Many Thanks ..

For Sidney and Beatriz Tome (Friendship Call + details)

Friendship Mail Art Call Blog

for JC Synthetics UK

Found an address in my files . . decided to send something along . . lets see if it gets there . .

For Maurizio Follin

Friday, June 08, 2007

For Julie Miller . .

For Vinson Co and Friends, BC

If someone connected to Vinson Co and friends can send along the school address I'd be happy to send along something.

For Rachel Berman

A card from the archives . . one I did during my NY days . . Strangely enough the Paul Taylor Dance Company was part of the conversation before I discoverd the card . . .

Luckily I ran into Rachel on the street Yesterday and found out she had a new address . . . She's such an inspiration.

For Thomai Kontou . . .+ Call details for the 1st International Mail Art Call in Greece

For Thomai Kontou and the
The committee was created in Greece and is formed by distinguished artist of mail art living in different countries. It was created in order to achieve an international contact through art and especially through mail art. This is the reason why a number of artists from many parts of the world were asked to participate in this exhibition.
The moral support that they offer is their participation in this exhibition and their assistance in the promotion of mail art in my country, as well as the protection of this project from individuals who may take advantage of it for non-artistic aims. I wish to thank all artists for their participation in this project.
The artists are the following:
International honorary artistic committee
Adamandia Kapsalis - U.S.A
Anna Boschi - Italy
Clemente Padin- Uruguay
Dale Roberts – Canada
Denis Charmot – France
Ivan Zemtsov - Russia
Mick Boyle – U.S.A.
Mim. Grammatikopoulos - Greece
Puneet Gupta – India
Paul Tiilila – Finland
Ryosuke Cohen -Japan
Sidney Tome -Brazil
Suzzlee Ibrahim – Malaysia
Tiziana Baracchi- Italy

Beuys will be Beuys . .call

On the way to John Chiaromonte

Here's the call details:

Ray Johnson Micro Galleries I & II
Mail Art Show

Theme: "Beuys will be Beuys" This exhibit pays homage to the creator of the Free International University and the ideas of social sculpture. So let your art reflect and express "how we mould and shape the world in which we live." "the total artwork of the future social order", and "free democratic socialism".

The gallery one will be on view in the The Mabee-Simpson Library on the campus of Lyon College and gallery two will be on view at Morning Star Coffee House both in Batesville, Arkansas, USA, There will be a weekly rotation of 4 to 5 artists per gallery over the course of one year. This exhitition period will be extended depending on the response from the Internation Mail Art Network.
Size is limited to 4"X6 or 10.16 cm X 15.24 cm for postcards and 8"
or 20.32 cm overall for 3D pieces. Email submissions accepted.
Please include your name, address and email address. You are welcome
to send more than one piece.
Exhibition documentation will include a website and catalogue to every participant + CD
Deadline to be received November 30, 2007.
Show will be installed the first week of January and the concurrent website will be up that week.

John Chiaromonte
250 Lilly St.
Batesville, Arkansas, USA
Email: Celticzazen@
Webpage: http://www.lyon. edu/webdata/ users/jchiaromon te/FIU%
20Batesville. htm